Collaboration Over Competition: You Don't Always Need To Compete

Posted by Maha Jawass on

Collaboration Over Competition: You Don't Always Need To Compete

You might have heard this before – collaboration over competition. You might have not understood it, however. Collaboration over competition could mean a number of different things, whether you’re talking about student learning or career competition. There’s also the competition that happens between girls, one we see happening all the time, it’s pretty toxic – to other girls and to ourselves. These negative ways of thinking – that because someone does better than us it means they are better than us is wrong and it makes us angry and hurt.

The truth is, no one can be better than you. People can do things better than you, maybe they’re better at writing, or using social media, or maybe they have more money. Maybe they’re better spiritually, maybe they’re better at praying than you are, but it only means they can do those things better – not that they are better than you.

Another truth? Someone else’s success doesn’t stop yours. There’s just no way that you’re not successful because someone else is – it makes no sense. If you think this, you’re either angry that you’re not successful or angry that this person got to success first. Which brings us to competition; it is healthy but only in moderation.  Competition allows us to do and be our best because we keep striving to do better, but you need to remember that not everything is a competition and more times than not, you should be choosing collaboration, especially when someone is better than you. I know what you’re thinking, “Shouldn’t I be competing with whoever is better than me so that I can reclaim the imaginary crown that let’s everyone know I’m the best?” The answer is a big, fat no. If someone’s better than you, that’s great! Get excited about it and learn from them! Yes, go and ask them to teach you how to do that thing, how they did it, and how you can do it. Who better to learn from than the person that does it better? While you’re at it, see what they can learn form you in exchange. My favourite thing ever is asking friends who are better than me at something to see my work so that I can get feedback – collaboration.

You see this a lot too when someone wants to start a business, and they want to do it all alone (even though they know they need a partner with a different expertise), because it’s theirs and they need all the credit. To this I say, grow up honey. There are going to be a lot of things you’re going to do on your own and there are also going to be things you’re not going to do alone, and that’s okay, it’s perfect.

Why can’t we just root for each other without thinking it means something bad for us? It feels so good to uplift other women truly (intersectionality and all), in all aspects of our lives. We already get enough shit from all the entitled men around the world (there are a lot), so let’s root for each other, celebrate each other, and have each other’s back.

Competition isn’t bad, and as humans we’re naturally competitive, but there are many aspects in your personal, professional, and daily life where you can choose collaboration and the outcome will be so much better.


Girls, love each other and support one another. I promise it doesn’t mean any less for you.

What does collaboration over competition mean to you? Let us know below!


  • This needs to be read by every single women out there, this is definitely an eye opener. collaboration over competition any day there’s enough hate, jealousy and competition in this world so a little kindness goes a long way there’s no point bickering over someones success or hating someone or being jealous of them/their life instead we need to learn to content with what we have and learn to improve ourselves in a positive way and there’s absolutely nothing wrong by learning from someone who’s better than us. Lets start changing by uplifting and being there for other women at least through small gestures and gradually on. women who support other women will always be superior.

    saajidah on

  • Salaam
    I believe it means being able to work side by side in the same spaces while acknowledging and encouraging each other’s talents. It seeing one another’s wins as wins for us all and taking positive stride in creating together ❤️

    Brittani on

  • Im all about collaboration, especially as Muslim women today, we need to hold each other up for all of us to rise!

    Walaa on

  • Salam
    I love the way you are working in empowering women.Keep it up.

    Syeda Mustafa on

  • Salaam!

    The first thing that comes to mind after reading this post is bumble bees!

    The Prophet pbuh, told us to be like the bee. Collaboration over competition is just that! Honey bees don’t ruin other bees rizk, they help each other and work together for the same cause. They are an example for us. Proud of you guys for embodying this. May Allah swt bless you!

    Arooba on

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