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Girlboss Spotlight: Nour Kaiss

Posted by Maha Jawass on

girlboss spotlight: nour kaiss

Be productive; stay productive.

Nour Kaiss, founder of Nourkaco, is a badass mom and girl boss. I interviewed Nour to get a behind the scenes look of the kickass woman we see on instagram. Read about the importance of a work/life balance and Nour’s business tips for anyone starting out.

Motivation is key.

How has your daily schedule changed since giving birth?  What’s the best part about it?

N: My daily schedule has definitely changed. Priorities shifted. I think especially in the early months post partum, it’s really difficult to keep up with your past life as you struggle between getting used to your new responsibilities and managing your pre-existing ones. Right now, the only schedule I have is feed, burp, change, and maybe get some sleep in between.

How do you fit in time to work on Nourka, and be able to deliver content while also taking care of your newborn?

N: In the first 4 weeks it was really hard. You’re supposed to try and sleep when the baby sleeps so anytime I put her down I try and “sleep” but really I actually get this spurt of energy to go and do laundry and prepare food for the day. It was definitely really challenging trying to maintain Nourka and deliver content every single day while figuring out this whole mom stuff. What helped me however is prior to giving birth I hired a team of people around me who were responsible for social media and managing orders that made it a lot easier on me. I can’t wait to get back into it!

How do you balance work time and family time? 

N: Before giving birth this was easy - being organized and having a schedule made balancing work and family time a breeze. With a newborn however that takes up majority of your time - it’s less of a breeze. I try to multitask however so that while I am nursing I could respond to emails, post stuff on Instagram and just catch up with what’s going on around the world.

What advice can you give to people trying to balance family and work?

N: Be organized and always plan ahead!

What trait do you think makes a person successful?

N: There isn’t just one trait that makes someone successful but if I had to pick one it’s being a planner. Honestly when you know what you’re doing everyday and you try your best to accomplish those things you are making it in life.

What have you learned about yourself and your capability of balancing a business and a baby after giving birth?

N: I learned that being a mother is definitely the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I also learned that I am resilient and can keep up with the demands of my baby and business without falling short of satisfying either one. Being a mom you learn to do a million things at once and you learn to organize your time and plan your day well so that you’re able to accomplish all the things you set out to do.

What motivates you at times when it seems to get overwhelming?

N: Knowing that all the hardship I face whether it’s at work or at home is making me a stronger, better person. So bring it on!

What tips can you give anyone who wants to start a business/project?

N: Know your niche market, figure out how your product is going to outdo the rest, understand your competition and go hard or go home!

If you could choose one word to describe what you and your brand stand for, what would it be?

N: Quality. I don’t think I’m anywhere near done growing as a person but over the past 25 years I like to think that I worked hard on myself to be the person I am. There is definitely room for improvement and I embrace that, but overall I think that being a person of quality is so important if you want to inspire others around you. The same applies to Nourka. It took me almost a year to develop the brand and to identify the best quality fabric, colors, and designs, finishing so that I could deliver a product that my followers would like and want to purchase.

Be organized, plan ahead, and go big or go home!

Let us know what you think it means to be a girl boss down below!

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