Live With Nourka Episode 1: Yousuf Soliman

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Live with nourka episode 1: Yousuf Soliman

This week, Nour Invited guest (and husband) Yousuf Soliman onto her live Stream with the topic being: 

Raising A Second Generation Muslim Girl

Nour’s parent’s came from Syria, seeking a better life, and because they didn’t really understand the language or the culture much, they obviously had a hard time raising Nour and her sister. So a lot of what's being discussed includes how and what they can do differently, while still incorporating the same values of their parents.

Here are the main things that went down at the live.


 It’s been a blessing to be a dad. To be a dad to a little girl is all the more special, I think girls are more loving.

It’s been a great experience so far. One of the things that surprised me was how much knowledge they can gain in a short period of time. There’s this tiny human that doesn’t know anything, and then within a couple of months, they’re able to recognize you.

"You wouldn’t think that a small human being, who spends so little time in your life, requires so much from you and you give so much of yourself to."-Nour Kaiss

Have you noticed any changes about yourself after having a daughter? I can see some changes, but do you think you've changed?

I don’t think I’ve changed, but I definitely think my perspective and my priorities have changed. I think (having a child) makes you more responsible because it gets you thinking about more than just yourself.

How was your experience growing up in a western culture with your parents? Did they struggle raising you?

I wouldn’t say it was difficult. Every family has challenges.

In terms of raising a Muslim, we live in a day and age where there’s a lot of different temptations, and things to explore, which can sometimes make it challenging to reign in your kids and make sure they’re on the right track. That being said, we are lucky that our religion provides us with such a strong base so that even if we stray we have a means to find our way back. 

"You’ll always find yourself more comfortable closer to God, than away from him."-Yousuf Soliman

How are we going to raise our daughter differently than our parents raised us, but with the same values they taught us? How do you make sure that you instill that God consciousness trait in them the same way our parents did to us? It’s such a different time.

Maybe it’ll be easier for us because we’re Canadian and we understand what the culture is like.

"When we were growing up, we didn’t have social media or other influences that raised us besides our parents, our school, and relatives."- Nour Kaiss

What are your thoughts on Islamic school?

Ahmed (a friend) and I grew up together in Islamic school, and it built the basis for us to be able to be good Muslims. We learned everything there.

Our parents didn’t speak English that well, which was a bit of a barrier. Between us and our kids, we’re able to better understand them and the culture we live in which will make it easier to raise them more open and liberal.

We live in a society that’s open to all cultures, so it’s important not to isolate them from that.

Let us know what you thought about the live? What are you excited to see next?

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*The rewriting of this live has been slightly modified to fit the frame of a blog post.


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