Live With Nourka Episode 3: Zehra (IG: @zallibhai)

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Live with nourka episode 3: Zehra

Today’s guest is Zehra, she is a certified trainer and fitness instructor, she’s an entrepreneur, and a mother of two!

First and foremost, let’s talk about cashew milk.  Are you dairy free?

I’ve tried almond milk and I’ve tried a couple of other ones but I find that I’m too busy (to make some) and I saw this once on YouTube and I was like this is genius, and I tried it and it was amazing, it was so good. It’s so easy to make too. We have a little bit of dairy, I don’t have so much because I just find it’s easier for my stomach when I don’t have dairy, but I’ll still have it with a lot Indian food because there's yogurt in it but I don’t drink straight up milk, I don’t drink coffee or have dairy that way. My kids have milk but we make sure to keep it organic and we’ll have smoothies or shakes. I also find that it’s so expensive to buy nut milks, just get a whole bunch of cashews. It’s so easy, you literally take a cup of cashews, soak them for 4-6 hours – I usually get raw and unsalted cashews – then you strain the water, put in the blender and it’s 4 cups of water to 1 cup of cashews. I add in dates, vanilla, and salt.

You can add cinnamon, or cacao and make it chocolate milk; you can add whatever you want.

How do you make everything look so good? Like the food you post?

It’s a nice thing to do, I’ll do it for my kids and cut things up and pretend we’re at a restaurant. Food is so beautiful to present in a nice way, we eat with our eyes as well with our mouths. It’s really important, sometimes we think like, ugh healthy food, salads, and boiled eggs but if I can show people that it can be yummy and beautiful they’ll eat it.

I also love photography and that kind of stuff, and I like things to look s a certain way.

Everything on social media looks so perfect, walk us through your everyday, I’m sure beyond social media you have challenges.

With my stories I really want to show a lot of it (my life) so I’ll show my messy kitchen and that comes with all the dishes and mess. I’ve wanted to take a picture to show you beyond what’s presented, like this is what you’re seeing but there’s a mess over here and mess over here, where you can’t see. I get sucked into it too, like I love fashion and I’m like wow people have these amazing wardrobes, you know what I mean? You get wrapped into it and you just have to realize people are just showing you the highlights. Like, Alhamdulillah my kids are amazing but they fight like cats and dogs and as much as I would love to share that to show you both sides I don’t think it’s fair to show that side of them fighting - but they do fight. All moms are crazy busy, just because you see me and I put it out there doesn’t mean I have it together. Everyone goes through his or her struggle; you have good days and you have bad days. I have days where I don’t want to workout but I feel like if I push the positivity out there, it will motivate people to do it.

When it comes to your kids, did you have a point in your life where you didn’t want them on social media?

When we started moving around a lot, I started sharing my kids on Facebook, and other personal things. I was using it as a personal page and it just happened organically, I’ve always been sharing them. It started with family and friends and it grew to the community we have now. Now as they get older they’re like 'I don’t want to be in a video' and I have to respect that, they’re old enough to have a voice.

I also think kids get to play around but I think it’s important that home is also a place can play and be active.

Our whole house is a playground, I was always very active and my parents would always let me do cartwheels in the living room. People always say don’t you have a dining room? And I’m like no I think it’s important to let them have it, so they can play around and I get to do it with them.

How do you do that without having to compromise on décor and stuff around the house?

I think its super important for them to have an open space – I got them so many games and stuff when they were younger but they would just go to the emptiest room in the house and run wild  -- they don’t actually need all that stuff. Make sure they have a space, whether it’s the basement or the backyard, any space where they can run around and be free. Just let them be free.

Do you think there’s a difference between the need to work out and loving working out?

I think there is a need to be active, and I think it comes in different forms for everyone. Some people are like 'I don’t get how you love working out' and I get that it’s not for everyone, but I think it’s especially important to be physically active. It’s important to take time to yourself, whether that’s walking or taking a class, it doesn’t have to be intense. Incorporating that daily physical activity in your life is important because everyone has to be active, you just have to find what you like. Don’t make working out your focus; make it as time to yourself. I teach boot camp classes and I do personal training and I get people who are like I want to lose the baby weight. I’m like your body took 9 months to create a baby, give yourself time, give yourself 9 months or more. Say you want to do it to be a healthier mom, so you can have more energy, or so you can be strong. Nursing takes a toll on our body, so focus on other aspects; eventually you’ll get there.

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