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Ramadan Tip #1: Make Sure You Don't Skip Suhoor

Posted by Maha Jawass on

Ramadan Tip #1: Make Sure You Don't Skip Suhoor

This is an important reminder because sometimes we get too tired and we think it’s okay if we miss it. But, suhoor has a much bigger importance and meaning than just something to eat before you start fasting. It prevents you from fatigue during the day and helps alleviate extreme hunger and thirst. It helps maintain your sugar levels while you’re fasting and its spiritual meaning and blessing comes from the fact that it gives you enough energy to fast throughout the day.

No matter how tired you are, find a way to take part in suhoor every morning.

Some easy ways to do this is to meal prep your suhoor for the next week, or make it fresh before you go to bed or while you’re cooking iftaar. If there isn’t any food ready, it’ll be much easier to hit snooze.

Your suhoor doesn’t have to be a grand feast or anything; you can just eat what you would normally for breakfast. Foods that take longer to digest are also good choices, like beans, eggs, bread etc.

Anas ibn Malik quotes the Prophet (SAW) as saying: “Make sure to have your suhoor meal, for suhoor is blessed.” Suhoor is blessed because it is what prepares you for a day of fasting and good deeds, and you surely don’t want to miss out on that. Also, there's just something about getting up with there set of your family and sharing a meal together that makes it really feel like Ramadan.

You can set you alarm for 30-45 minutes before fajr adhan for suhoor; there’s no need to eat hours earlier.

What’s your favourite suhoor meal? Let us know below!

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