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Ramadan Tip #11: Write A Good Deed List and Go Through It

Posted by Maha Jawass on

ramadan tip #11: write a good deed list and go through it

This Ramadan, write down a list of good deeds you’d like to get done and see how many you can check off daily. Write a list for your kids too and see how many they can get done as well, it’ll be a challenge and more fun for them.

The best part about it is that good deeds don’t have to come from grand gestures; you can have things on the list as simple as “smile at people.”

You’ll feel good going through the list and then seeing how much you can do the next day. It’s easy to forget sometimes to do these small gestures so having a list with you is a good way to remind yourself to rack up those good deeds and imagine how good it’ll feel to get through the list everyday.

Here are some things you can add to your list:

1.     Smile more

2.     Be kind to animals 

3.     Help your family with chores

4.     Don’t complain today

5.     Help keep the environment clean

6.     Donate to a charity of your choice

7.     Invite people over for Iftaar

8.     Donate clothes/toys/books

9.     Compliment someone

10.  Pay it forward

11.  Don’t get angry if someone upsets you

12.  Say bismillah before you do something

 Let us know what your favourite way to rack up those good deeds are! 

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