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Ramadan Tip #12: Practice More Patience

Posted by Maha Jawass on

Ramadan tip #12: practice more patience 

We all know the numerous and amazing benefits of being patient, it’s something that is highly looked upon in Islam. Question is, how many of us actually practice being patient and implement it in our daily lives?

When someone makes us angry it can be really easy to lose our chill, but if you want to work on being more patient, there are many things you can do. 

Feeling impatient can show itself through signs of anxiety, anger, and impulsivity.

1. Take slow deep breaths

2. Count to ten

3. Stop and think about what you’re feeling and why

4. Focus on relaxing your body (you can tense up when impatient)

These all help with managing impatience as well as anger or anxiety, just remember that you can always manage your patience or your anger. Sometimes, the reasons for our impatience are out of our hands. Let’s say you just missed your train and the next one won’t come for another 30 minutes. You’re going to be late for sure, and you can feel yourself start to get angry. What helps me is to take deep breaths and relax my body, and then I tell myself that it happened. I’m going to be late and being angry or impatient about it isn’t going to change that fact. It might feel stupid to talk to yourself like that, but it really helps. You should talk to yourself about how you feel and why you’re feeling like that, it helps you get to the problem faster.

Try to practice being patient for the rest of Ramadan!

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