Ramadan Tip #13: Host An Iftaar Dinner

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ramadan tip #13: host an iftaar dinner 

Ramadan is a time for friends and family and what better way to celebrate than to host an iftaar dinner for those you love?

You can make it fun and chic without having to go too over the top, and it’ll be something to remember. There’s something about gathering with loved ones to beak fast that can only be described as one of the best feelings.

In a Hadith (narration) on the authority of Zayd ibn Khaalid Al-Juhani, may Allah be pleased with him, he said that the Prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever gives food to a fasting person to break his fast will have a reward like his without decreasing his reward in the slightest way.” 

There are so many ways you can make this fun! 

Add decorations:

Decorations make everything better, so add some Ramadan decorations and lights around your house to give it a truly festive feeling. 


Obviously there has to be food, but get creative with the food you're making! Try something you’ve never tried before, or make it a potluck and let everyone bring in their favourite dishes! 

Give gift bags:

As a parting present, give small gift bags filled with dates, dua booklets, or any other thing that reminds you of Ramadan. Not only can they use it, but it’ll also be a nice way to end the night.

Also, if you now someone who has no one to break their fast with, invite them!

What are you waiting for? Go host an iftaar dinner! Let us know your favourite iftaar dishes below!


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