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Ramadan Tip #3: Water, Water, and More Water!

Posted by Maha Jawass on

Ramadan tip#3: Water, water, and more water!

Fasting leaves you at risk of being dehydrated and for those who don’t even drink enough water on a regular day, it could be really dangerous. I know what you’re thinking, “yeah obviously we know to drink water, we hear this all the time,” and that’s true but now that it’s Ramadan, you're going to have to hear this x2. You have to be extra attentive to your water intake during Ramadan because you're fasting all day.

You can get really sick and dizzy if you’re not drinking enough water, and it’s recommended to drink your 8-12 cups of water between iftaar and suhoor.

Which I know seems impossible! I can barely drink that much water in a whole day and now I’m supposed to do it in 8 hours? 

 Here are some quick tips to up your drinking (water!) game this Ramadan:

1. For starters, drinking lukewarm water instead of cold helps you absorb it faster, so you can drink even more water! Also, don't drink your water all in one go, doing so will cause it to be flushed out faster. Try sipping your water instead.

2. Try eating more fruits & veggies for their high content of water (yes you can eat water too!) Always choose foods with high water content!

3. Don’t drink so much coffee; caffeine will make you thirsty!

4. Eat less salt! This one's almost too hard...

5. Keep a bottle of water by your bed! 


Here’s a tip: Get a water bottle that holds a liter of liquid and just sip on it after iftaar, when you go to the masjid, etc. Keep it on you and you probably won’t even realize you’re sipping it until it’s gone!

You can do it, drink on!

Do you drink more or less water during Ramadan?

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