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Ramadan Tip #9: Make A To Do List To Help You Stay On Track

Posted by Maha Jawass on

ramadan tip #9: Make a to-do list to help you stay on track

Everyone loves a good to-do list (seriously, who doesn’t?) and if you’re finding it hard to stay on top of things this Ramadan, you should create the ultimate to-do list.

Not only a Ramadan to-do list, but also one that also incorporates things you need to get done everyday. Hit the gym; get some work done, write, read Quran, etc.

When making your to-do list, try to make it simple and keep your most important tasks at the top. I know sometimes staring at to-do lists can be daunting, but you can get through your tasks quickly if your prioritize them.

 Prioritize the things you have to do and put them in the following four categories:

1.     Need to get done.

What you put in this category is something super important that you need to get done and it's at the top of your to-do list, this can’t wait and it's first priority.

2.     Get done.

This next category is also for the important stuff you need to get done but it’s not as important as the first and it can wait. These are things that aren’t urgent and that you can get done “tomorrow.”

3.     Give it to someone else.

I know, giving away stuff for others to do can seem lazy, but I’m a firm believer in “don’t stress yourself out if you don’t have to.” If there’s something you don’t have to do and you have more important things (category 1 and 2) to do, give it to someone else. This can be anything from picking things up to doing your taxes.

4.     Get rid of it.

There are things that we don’t need to do but we do anyway because we think we have to. There are things we can get rid of on our to-do list that aren’t important at all. Go through your to-do list and try to circle the things that you can just not do at all, and then get rid of it.

Having your to-do list set up this way can make it easier for you to know what needs to get done first. Often we sit there doing nothing because we’re stressed about figuring out what to do. If you want ideas on what a Ramadan checklist looks like, check out our blog post that includes a custom Ramadan checklist created by Nour.

Now, make your to-do list and be productive AF.


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