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Stay on Track This Ramadan Using This Easy to Follow Checklist!

Posted by Nour Kaiss on

Stay on track with my go to checklist! 

Hey guys! I Hope you're all having a happy Ramadan, one that is full of blessings and... well... good food! LOL!  Jokes aside, I put together this really easy to follow checklist, which I hope you'll find helpful to use and share! Personally, if I don't hold myself accountable somehow, I tend to lose track. If you're anything like me, this should be beneficial. Praying you have a productive rest of the month and to reduce waste, I suggest saving this image as a PDF and marking it up day by day, saving each day as you go along to track your progress. Goodluck and Salam!

- Nour Kaiss, CEO

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  • MashaAllah! May the Almighty reward you for all that you do. InshaAllah!

    Kadiatu Kamara on

  • Thank you for this I LOVE IT! I love having checklists. This really is going to help me because I started my first job this summer and RamadAn has been extremely tough to keep up with and I feel like this will help me! ♥️ JAK thank you so much

    Leila on

  • Allahumma barik! I need this, love it😍

    Hanae on

  • Dear Nour,

    Ramadan Mubarek to you, your family and all Muslims around the world 🌎. Thank you for sharing, I would definitely use it as well😊🤗❤️ In Sha Allah. With love from NYC and Baku.

    Ulviyya on

  • MashAllah I love this I will definitely be using it inshallah, may Allah reward you for all your good deeds inshallah ❤️ Ramadan Mubarak

    Nihal Hashem on

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