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Self Care Tip #4: Stop Overthinking (It's Ruining Your Life)

Posted by Maha Jawass on

self care tip#4 stop overthinking

Most of us (if not all) are guilty of overthinking and we do it all the time even if we don’t realize it. We think about things that happened in the past, what we did, what someone else did, or what we could have done. We think about the future, where we want to be in 5 years, what we want to accomplish, or what we wish would happen.

We obsess over the future and torture ourselves by replaying memories from our past. Don’t you think that’s a form of self-sabotage?

It is.

Why are we hurting ourselves like this? Why do we spend time thinking about things we want to do instead of actually doing them? Why do we waste time thinking about things that have already happened? 

Going over scenarios in our heads about things that haven’t happened, or thinking about something that has already happened is a waste of time and it’s destructive. If it’s already happened then there is nothing you can do about it. It’s very easy to do, your mind just starts thinking about what you could have done or what you could have said. It makes it very easy to ruin the present moment and evoke negative emotions within you. It makes us lose sight of what we really want in life.

So what can you do to stop overthinking?

 Remember that overthinking about something is not going to make it happen. What’s in your head will always remain in your head. Same thing goes for thinking about something that had already happened, thinking about it is not going to change it.


Let go, forget about it, and don’t think about it again. Can’t stop thinking about that time you went to that party and you’re dress was caught in your underpants and you didn’t know it? LET IT GO. It happened, it’s over; thinking about it honestly does nothing but make you feel super shitty.

Whatever it is that happened, if you can’t change it then don’t think about it ever again, if there’s a way to make it better then do it and then don’t think about it ever again.


As much as you think that thinking about how you’re going to be a big bad lawyer in the future helps motivate you to become said big bad lawyer, it’s not. It’s so easy to get trapped spending so much time thinking and thinking about this amazing future, but you’re not really doing anything to make it happen.

Next time you catch yourself overthinking about how you want to lose weight; stop. Instead, get up and go for a run!

Next time you catch yourself thinking about the fame you’re going to get from your amazing book; stop. Instead, get up and write!

Overthinking does nothing but hurt us, so try to stop thinking about things and start doing them, start living for today instead of tomorrow or yesterday, you're going to be so much happier.


Let us know below what you wish you could stop thinking about and start doing more of!

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  • Definitely words I needed to hear! I am very a future-oriented person and forget to enjoy the current moments!

    Summer E. on

  • I needed to read this article for my own sanity. I feel like the older I get the more I find myself worrying about the future. The trick the works for me in making a quick dua in that moment. Like for me personally it’s about my career and marriage. As soon as I catch myself worrying I ask Allah for what I want and then I learn to rely on Him cause truly nothing is in my hands.

    Noor on

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