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Something New Is Coming

Posted by Maha Jawass on

something new is coming 

Keep your eyes (and ears) open for new Nourka.

Our favourite scarves all worn by incredibly beautiful, and powerful women. A trip in time to showcase our favourite memories so far. 

The feminist scarf in beige because the Nourka is a team of badass feminists, who promote and advocate for equality between men and women. We do not stay quiet.(What does staying quiet even mean?) 

The Equality scarf, because we fight for all equality. Rock your hijab with your values face forward (literally).

The Equality scarf in white! Rock this statement hijab with any outfit.

The beautiful Palestine scarf representing justice and equality. (Also in light of recent events, JERUSALEM)

Womanhood, empowerment, friendship, feminists. All captured in one photo. 

The Nourka jersey hijabs in different colours! The women who wear Nourka embody our values, because when females uplift each other, they all rise. 

Nourka chiffon. An embodiment of support and power shines through. 

Statement scarves. Let people know who you are. They say the way you dress reflects who you are as a person, don't they?

The Nourka vision is quality and social justice. "Everything from the fabric, thread, labels, packaging and colours are all custom made, hand picked, and designed to perfection. Apart from the quality, the brand aspires to shine light on important social issues through expressive art that is digitally printed onto the scarves. Our first collection features the designs "Feminist" and "Equality" as the fundamental social causes of our time."

The scarves embody values that should be supported by all women (and everyone, really). Whether you wear it as a hijab, or as a scarf around your neck, the Nourka statement scarves are loud and clear. Through these scarves, Nourka has unleashed a cry for justice. Justice for all women, for empowerment, and for all races. Our femininity is welcomed as empowerment and fuel to keep fighting for what we believe in. The Nourka chiffon and jersey scarves ignite our inner femininity and spark a fire within us, to use it and raise the volume of our voices. 

Femininity is often associated with being weak, or too girly. When people think of strong women, feminine isn't usually the first word that pops up. We say no, thank you. 

You can be feminine and be whatever the hell you want to be as well. Femininity does not diminish a woman, nor does it a man. This is something ingrained into us from a young age, that being feminine, and womanly is something to be ashamed of. Again, no thank you. Embrace your inner femininity, do not be ashamed! Embrace it, ignite it, and use it to unapologetically fight for what you believe in. 

New Nourka introduces more discussion into female empowerment, femininity, and social issues. Join us on the blog to read about what makes these topics incredibly important to us. 

Something new is coming. Stay tuned.

Maha Jawass
A writer, student, and a lover of art. 

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