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Why I Love Wearing Jersey in the Summer

Posted by Nour Kaiss on

Why I love wearing Jersey in the summer 

It's a very common story. You're wearing your scarf outside, sun is scorching, heat is blazing, and you find yourself slowly melting away. Your makeup that was once "on fleek" is now "on the floor" and you just look like a hot mess. Literally. The one thing I find that doesn't end up looking so umm.. disturbing.. is my hijab. That's right ladies. My hijab stays looking neat and tidy and best of all doesn't leave me feeling suffocated. It doesn't slide back leaving the haram police with more to judge. IT STAYS IN PLACE. Really, the best of all is that....are you ready? It actually keeps me cool.... I KNOW!!!!

Jersey scarves are a God send. No matter how hot it is outside. Touch your jersey where it's not directly in contact with your skin, you'll see what I mean. Did you just try it? I did, and it felt cool. How awesome is that?

According to, " good cotton will provide plenty of flexibility for any designs that you have in mind while also being light and airy enough to keep you cool when everybody else is roasting." Our jerseys are made from the best fabric and blend. Premium cotton withstands anything that comes its way. It's breathable and light and when you mix it with a stretchy element like spandex - you're gold. 

Lastly, consider this - jersey is probably the most comfortable fabric out there. It's no wonder why its used in most loungewear and activewear. It's meant to be flexible and cause you least amount of stress. No pins? No problem! It's the easiest to style and won't slip and slide as you go about your day. That's really what I think it comes down to for me. A combination of good quality fabric and comfort. When I am outside in the heat the last thing I want to worry about is if my hijab looks good or having to keep fixing it. Jersey is your best friend this summer and we just released a whole bunch of beautiful colours for you to shop from! Enjoy and thank me later ;) 

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  • What colour is the scarf in the picture?

    Lina on

  • Loveeee this. Where is the scarf in the picture from?

    Esraa on

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