Your Hijab Stories: What Does The Hijab Mean To You?

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Your hijab stories

To celebrate this year's World Hijab Day, we're making it all about you! Grab some tea, or coffee, sit down and enjoy reading people's stories of what the hijab means to them!

Sajeda Virji - #WorldHijabDay today reminded me that nearly 22 years ago this April, I made the decision to wear the #hijab. It was a decision my parents allowed me to make on my own, and one that I thought through thoroughly. It wasn't easy - some kids can be mean, and being the only one wearing it in a small town from elementary to high school didn't come without its struggles, but I always had my parents support. They, along with my hijab, empowered me and made me strong, independent and fearless. This is what I feel hijab does. It doesn't weaken me, it doesn't make me voiceless, it doesn't make me oppressed - it emboldens me and makes me proud to be #Muslim. Make no mistake, hijab isn't just the piece of cloth I put on my head - it's the way I conduct myself, it's the way I represent my faith - it's so much more than just that cloth. It's not easy, and there are times it has been and continues to be difficult, but it's my struggle and a struggle I'm proud to overcome each and every single day.

Kiana A’Launtra Favors - I never knew how much hate existed in the world until I committed to my hijab...I started wearing my hijab in February of last year at the age of 21, but I did not fully commit to it until May. not many of my friends knew I was Muslim..I honestly thought it wasn’t a big deal. but when I first started to wear my hijab in February I was very adamant about not posting on social media because I did not want people to look at me differently... I wanted to make sure that it was something that I really wanted to do for myself. no one forced me to wear it. I decided to put it on myself...and I think it was the best decision I ever made. Sunday, May 28, 2017, marked the beginning of Ramadan. Sunday, May 28, 2017, also marked the first time I posted a picture in my hijab. I got backlash...but from people I did not expect. I received negative comments from people who I thought were my friends. I received even worse comments from people I did not even know I learned that when you are at your lowest point in life, Allah is there for you...Allah is always there for you.  

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Badria Rajab - Where I’m from and the people I’m surrounded in, it’s almost difficult to feel a sense of beauty of you don’t show your hair. My parents never forced me to wear it, I love wearing the hijaab. I feel complete when I do wear it. But I was not always confident with how I looked. And that’s what hindered my self-esteem. Growing up, it was really based on social media. I think the person who had the biggest impact in my life was my mum. She constantly reminded me that my beauty behind my hijaab was and still is sacred, and should be saved. She kinda made me fall in love with the concept of the hijaab all over again. It’s a form of protection from evil eye.... a form of beauty being able to cover. That gave me so much more understanding about the hijaab. Alhamdullillah now Muslim women are being recognized for being equally, if not, more beautiful with a hijab.

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My name is Sundus Ayesh and I am from Memphis, TN. I started wearing the hijab when I was 17 years old, but I wanted to wear it for years. Growing up my mother always took us to the masjid, it was basically our second home and as a child I went to the Islamic school. So wearing the hijab was comfortable to me since I was so used to it but everyone I knew around me did not wear it. For middle school I was moved to the public school system which was a huge shock on me but I was never ashamed of my muslim identity. I was so serious about wearing the hijab that I still remember the moment in 6th grade lunch at a table full of my friends I asked “If I wore the head scarf would you all still be my friend?” To which all of them said yes. My beautiful mother was kind and patient that she would not force me but instead continue to teach me Islam. As my father grew tired of telling me to wore it he eventually stopped pushing me. Once everyone left me be and I was sure that it would be only for me and Allah I put the hijab on permanently. This was the best decision of my life because it gave me confidence as well as allowed me to show my pride as being a strong Muslim woman. 

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Emina Husanovic - I started wearing my Hijab in 2017 it's been almost a year since I became a Hijabi. I have been Muslim all my life and I always believed in God, Allah was always apart of my life.  I got a job as a Flight Attendant and moved to Dubai to pursue that Dream. After Travelling the World seeing Amazing places, different cultures,customs and learning about how different people from all around the world live was absolutely incredible. After a while there was an emptiness that could only be filled with the remembrance of Allah...... Ask me a couple of years ago and I would never tell you I would put the hijab but after listening to so many lectures and all the bloggers were coming out to with their hijab stories, I think I watched them all including Nours and I wanted nothing more then to put my hijab on, I was actually longing to put my Hijab on, something felt missing its like I felt like I was missing a part of me without wearing it. My Hijab to me declares I am Muslim and I am so proud of my Faith, I am so proud I am fulfilling my obligation to my creator. Eventually I quit my Job Moved back to Australia started wearing my hijab May 2017. 

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My name is Khaulah Bachsinar and I started wearing the hijab at the age of 15. Growing up around family members who wore the hijab and going to a Muslim school, made wearing the hijab an innate process for me. Throughout high school and university, I explored the topic of the hijab in my research. Notably, I did a personal interest project called, ‘Unveiling the truth: A socio-cultural study on how Australians perceive the Islamic headscarf’. By exploring the topic of hijab, I hoped to alleviate any misunderstandings associated with this overt religious symbol.

My name is Liana Fadliyeva and I am a proud Muslim. I’ve been wearing my hijab since the age of 14. Despite my family and relatives being foreign to this concept, it wasn’t easy standing up confidently in my hijab in the beginning. As time went by I knew that I was only doing this for Allah. I came to value my scarf and and carry this symbol confidently.

Salam! My name is Chabnam and it’s going to be my fourth year proudly wearing my hijab ! I always felt my heart somehow attached to the hijab even though I didn’t have much knowledge of the religion or practiced much. My life took a different course and I began attending seminars and halaqas where I learnt much about Islam and really fell in love with it all. Slowly what was growing within started showing outside and with a firm base, I decided to wear the hijab. It was a nerve wracking decision because of what it entails and the responsibilities it comes with but I decided to go ahead and never looked back. Alhamdulilah one of the best decisions I have ever made.

My name is Nawal I'm 17 years old I'm Model. I started wearing (the hijab) at the age of 10,  I used to see my older sister wearing it so I started wearing it too. When I was in public people used to ask me ' do your mama forced you to wear the hijab ' my mom always used to tell me to follow what your heart says if you want to wear then mashAllah she supported me since that day until now I have never taken off my hijab I wear it so proudly. The hijab I wear represents who I am. 

Basma Ghafoor - I started wearing the Hijab when I was 11 years old. I started wearing it because I felt that the earlier I wore it the easier it would be. Wearing it at such a young age, I did face some challenges including racist comments being yelled at me. I didn’t let that get to me though, in fact I felt that it made me stronger and more confident. I’m happy to be wearing the hijab now because it makes me feel more beautiful than ever!

Ala - The hijab to me is my identity who I am and what I represent; without it I wouldn't be complete I wouldn't be the person I am today. It protects me and humbles me. The hijab to me is empowering and it's definitely the best decision I've ever made. I put the hijab on when I was 13 years old and at the time I put it on to fit in, because everyone around me was wearing it so I just wore it too. But throughout the years I learned about the hijab and what it means. With the hijab on I've overcome obstacles and hardships in a more reasonable way. It taught me patience and how to deal with certain situations. It's not easy and comes with many struggles but at the end of the day it's an important part of me and that I would never let go.

Khadija - I wear the hijab, because I feel like it a sense of protection. It has become who I am, and I believe it one of the factors that make me unique.

Maira Jay - I wear the hijab because it makes me feel complete & is now a part of my identity since I have been wearing it for over 4 years now. It represents my pride in being a Muslim and makes me fulfil my duties to my religion. The best thing about wearing the hijab is that I feel much closer to Allah swt. I feel guarded & protected. It is an act of modesty which I implement into my actions, the way I dress and how I speak. Most importantly it is my choice.

Iman Abdelgawad started wearing the hijab at age 18. She was inspired to start after hearing a talk by Melanie Elturk of Haute Hijab. Despite the political climate after the election of Donald Trump, she was persistent in her choice and is a proud hijabi.

Hi! My name is Yasmin Mohamud and I started wearing the hijab when I was 11 years old. Intially, it was my father who sort of ”made” me wear it, and to begin with I was very much against it due to childish reasons like it not looking good on me or the fear of being ridiculed by others (which I never was). With time however, and by educating myself on my religion and the culture that comes with it, I’ve learned to love this piece of cloth and what it stands for.  It’s a learing experience. Personally, I see my experience as an example to all young girls who maybe don’t see themselves as ”pretty” in the hijab and those who don’t feel like they want to have the pressure of representing an entire religion on their shoulders. When you stop comparing yourselves to others and start seeing yourself the way your Creator sees you, you won’t see the hijab as a burden but as a gift.

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My name is Razan Maswadeh a 25 year old fashion influencer and this is my hijab story ... I wore hijab when I was 10 years old I didn't know much about hijab back then because I was in such young age. However , something mysterious attracted me to hold on it despite all the bullies I was facing from my friends in school because I was the only one wearing it , telling me I look like an old lady , I don't look pretty . Despite all that I didn't care because I was convinced in wearing hijab and I'm still wearing it till this day!

Fizza Mudaser - My hijab story: I started wearing the hijab at the age of 17, specifically choosing to do so as an expression of my personality and personal style. At first my family didn't fully support my wearing the hijab and it wasn't always the easiest. But with time, I grew comfortable in my own skin and with my expression of the hijab especially because I stopped looking for acceptance in others, and four it in myself.

Salam! My name is Katie Turk and I started wearing hijab on my 18th birthday, which was also three days before I formally took shahada (although I had probably already said it a thousand times because I so did not want to mess it up in front of everyone at jummah). I knew that when I converted wearing hijab was what I needed to do right away so I could gain that relationship with Allah swt and something about wearing it gave me peace and took away all insecurities. The day of my birthday I had tried it on in the morning just to practice styling it since I would start wearing it on Friday but I did not want to take it off so it stayed on until that Friday and ever since!

Sara Filali started wearing the hijab at age 11. She also loves drawing, and believes that representation for Muslim women is crucial. Her current portfolio features women in hijab as a means of promoting empowerment for the hijabi community!

Taleah Moolla - Asalaamualaikum... My name is Taleah and I am from South Africa. Alhamdulilah here in South Africa we have a great sense of religious freedom and security. Growing up I attended a co-ed Muslim school and our uniform was initially a slacksuit and scarf and thereafter a cloak and scarf. Despite this, on weekends the scarf came off. Of course when the occasion arose.. we would don the scarf respectifully. It was not until my matrix year ( Grade 12 ) where I was wearing the scarf everyday. I could wear this everyday because unintentionally I already was. It was not something that I did just to follow the rules and regulations of my school but something I grew to love and enjoy!  You didnt seem ‘old’ or ‘uncool’ if u had to wear the hijab, my glasses too were no longer seen as nerdy but chic and I could brighten my day and my outfit by wearing a beautiful hijab! I was also starting university and so seriously contemplated my decision...  First year of university was about to start [...] So i wore my hijab for the first few days but then we had to get our picture taken for our student cards and I was swept away with what everyone else was doing and decided to not wear my hijab for the picture and therefore the day. I did feel a sense of loss but my vanity superceded my sanity and conviction on that day.  It was only then that I truly realised how much of an impact I had on shaping the perceptions of those around me about what a hijab wearing Muslim is all about! Since then I have strived to wear my hijab full time, but I am not perfect and at time I faltered most of the time because of my vanity! We are never alone and grow through the same hurdles!  Also my enthusiasm towards hijab and the exploration of finding my personal style encouraged my mother to begin the journey alongside me and so together my mother (who is my best friend and fellow critique) and I, continually grow and discover new styles and techniques so life is never dull! 

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Manal Mohamed -  I grew up in missing family but I didn’t wear the hijab until I was 14 I guess.. it wasn’t always a big thing at first cause no one really explained to me why I should be wearing it and half of the time it was off whether I was in school or night outs. But as I got older I started to understand the importance of it and what it represents in our religion especially. More Importantly I felt beautiful wearing it, something I didn’t feel at first. So yeah, I can say I’m very proud to be wearing the hijab. It creates a feeling of being safe and belonging, and I kinda feel naked without it to be honest. I know that sounds crazy, but y. it’s a part of me..forever.

My name is Habiba Nessa and I am currently 19 y/o. I started wearing the hijab since I was 9 years old. I felt the hijab made me feel special and closer to God. As I grew older, it encouraged me to continue practising the deen and staying away from evil. Ever since, I have worn my hijab proudly.

I’m wearing a hijab since I was 14 years old with my friend to support each other.. basically I didn’t like a hijab and I felt something like what is that wafaa!! Understand what I mean? But I didn’t need to take the hijab off because I’m sure I will like it again maybe because we are Muslim and we have to wear it,, At the end of the story I love the hijab so much and I try to support anyone need to wear a hijab, I want to say you will look like queen in your hijab..DO IT.

Zaina - I started wearing hijab 4 years ago, just about when Islamaphobia was on the rise in the UK. Many were taking of their hijab while I put mine on, many were struggling to put it on too. I was blessed that Allah chose me to worship him more by doing this act. I realised that hijab gave me freedom instead of oppression. It reminded me of my identity, it empowered me, it made me stronger, braver, confident. If it wasn't for pleasing Allah, I don't think I'd be the person I am today.

My name is Renad El Kaddy and I've been veiled since I was 12. My parents thought it wasn't such a good idea and tried to resist the idea of me wearing the hijab at such a young age, fearing I'd be taking it off soon. But I knew that I was ready to commit to it, thinking that it was nothing but an empowerment. I'm now 18, and have been wearing it with pride ever since!

Ikhlaas - I started wearing hijab since I was 12, actually my mom asked me to wear it and she told me that she and my dad will be very proud of me and I become more beautiful when I wear it, also I will become more closer to Allah. That have encourage me more to wear it. Actually, in the first day I wear hijab I felt so happy that I make my parents proud of me, but my friends weren't that welcoming of my decision, and they tried to convince me to take off it. But my parents have always supported me.

Telisa - I was in my 2nd year of University when I was not in the best time of my life. I had the wrong type of friends and had bad influence. At one point it went downhill that I felt so lost. I was alive but I didn’t feel alive (not sure how to explain it). I just felt super empty. And it affected my school and my relationship with my family. When I was at the lowest point I cried to my parents... Pretty much told them everything I did that I regretted. Then I prayed so hard. I remember when I prayed I felt like a newborn and I told myself that I wanted to fully practice Islam properly including wearing the Hijab. I was so nervous at first. I commuted the first time to school wearing the hijab I felt so elevated. I’m not sure how to explain this but it just felt like I was secure. I continue to wear it and it becomes a reminder for me that Allah is there to protect me. ...Physically and spiritually. Alhamdulillah ever since I started wearing hijab everything turned around. My relationship with my parents are amazing, I met my husband, got married, finished school with honours, got an amazing first HR job (my career field), etc. Back then hijab tutorials weren’t around that much but I remember coming across YaztheSpaz....who I ended up meeting during Hajj. Till today we are now still friends. Subhanallah good things happen when you follow what Allah instruct you to. Alhamdulillah it has now been 9 years.

Najwa - My hijab story is complicated, initially I told myself that I would put on the hijab after my senior year of high school (so that no one would think I was different or have anything negative to say about it) but during Ramadan of 2017, the summer before my senior year, Nabra Hassanen was murdered because of her being an identifiable Muslim (because of her hijab). I didn’t even know her but the more people talked about her the more I was affected by her story. Her life was taken away from her In an instant. It scared me but also humbled me and made me think deeply about why I wasn’t wearing it even though I knew I was. I made Duaa to Allah. Along side of that I did my research, finding out exactly what it means and how I needed to dress and alhamdulilah I decided that I was going to wear it permanently on my head. (This choice was made in less than 3 days) On Eid June 26th, 2017 I had officially decided to wear it.

Bayan - I started wearing the hijab at the age of 14. I once had this beautiful dream of me wearing a white hijab and the next day I put it on, despite my age and my family not liking it.

Ameenah - I started wearing hijab about 4 years ago, I was 10 years old. Wearing hijab was my choice and it made me feel special and grown up, but most of all I really wanted to be like my aunts and my mom. When I wear hijab now, I feel like it symbolizes my religion and my faith. Of course there will always be people who stare, but they can go ahead because they are looking at someone who is not ashamed of her religion, they are looking at someone who is proud of where she comes from and who is proud of her beliefs.

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