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You do you, and I'll do me.

#Youraveragemuslim was trending for the last few days based off of the hash tag, and videos Dina Torkia, fashion and lifestyle blogger/vlogger made. This series #youraveragemuslim has so far received a positive response, but there’s seems to be a small miscommunication on what the purpose of it is.

So, what is the purpose of #youraveragemuslim?

Let me tell you what it’s not. It is not to show other people that Muslims are ‘normal’ because of course we are. It’s for other Muslims, to look at and be inspired from other Muslims. To be able to look at Muslims who are breaking the stereotypes within the Muslim community.

Some of the responses to this series are lots of young Muslim women who are awed, motivated and inspired by the women who have spoken out about what they do. Awed because unfortunately, a lot of these girls didn’t know that was an option. A lot of Muslim girls feel limited and held back because of their hijab, not because it does hold them back, but because society outcasts them into feeling like they can’t do something.

Example: A lot of Muslim girls are weary of going to the gym. It’s uncomfortable, and people are going to stare. Therefore, there are less Muslim women actually going to the gym and doing things like weights, kickboxing, and karate etc.

This series helps these girls recognize that they can do anything they want to; they are not limited by their hijab or their religion. They have these numerous women to look up to; who none are the same, who do different things; some of them do amazing and/or crazy things. This helps light a spark in these young Muslim girls, hopefully helping them realize that they are capable of doing whatever they want.

 #Youraveragemuslim is inspiring, and uplifting, and hopefully continues to break stereotypes, within the Muslim community and out.

Let us know what you think of #youraveragemuslim. How do you break the (any) stereotype?

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