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Our Team

Nour Kaiss

Chief Executive Officer

Nour Kaiss is CEO and creative director at Nourka Inc. She founded the company back in 2017 with the purpose of giving Muslim women access to quality scarves and clothing. Her love of fashion and care for social issues led her to produce the first ever race and gender equality inspired scarves that sold out in weeks! Nour is also a social influencer with over 350,000 followers across her platforms. She uses social media to share aspects of her everyday life being a mother, entrepreneur and blogger.

Summer El-Khodary

Communications Director

Summer El-Khodary is a Palestinian-American University student from Southern Indianas pursuing a career in Physician Assistant Studies. Besides her love for healthcare, Summer loves serving others through volunteer work and has a keen interest in fashion. She gravitated towards Nour's brand because her company encompasses all the qualities she embodies - honesty, loyalty and the freedom to create. In the future, she hopes to pursue a business in modest fashion wear and a career as a pediatric or women's health Physician Assistant.

Maha Jawass

Creative Content Director

Maha Jawass is a student at Ryerson University studying English literature. When she’s not writing essays, Maha can be found at Second City, where she takes improv and sketch comedy writing classes. She’s passionate about ethical and modest fashion, as well as pursuing a career in scriptwriting. Overall, Maha is a creative person, who believes creativity is good for the soul, and you’ll often hear her saying that everyone is allowed to make mistakes.

Carolina Alfaya

Textile and Graphic Design

Carolina Alfaya lives in Mar Del Plata, a coastal city located in Argentina. From a young age she was curious about fashion and design, making clothes for dolls and drawing on rainy days. Carolina's fashion and artistic became a career after she graduated from Argentina's National University in 2017. Caro has been working with Nourka since February 2017 and grew interested by her unique display of encouragement to other Muslim women across the world.