Gingerbread Jersey

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Introducing our custom made new and improved jersey collection. These scarves feel just like butter but do not slip at all! The best scarves to wear in the summer as the fabric stays cool throughout the entire day. The fabric of this scarf is designed to compliment any outfit and is suitable for every occasion. You will not be able to resist the softness of the fabric which is custom made, cut, and sewn to meet our quality standards. 

• 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
• 190 cm long x 
70 cm wide

• Hand wash
• Dry Clean
• Cold wash
• Air Dry

Customer Reviews

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Softest Jersey ever!

When they said it's like butter they were not lying it is sooo soft and comfortable! I'm in LA and this summer has been hot. When I first received my scarf I put it on my shoulders and I literally felt like I cooled off a few degrees! That's how amazing it is! I can not wait to get more jersey scarfs from NOURKA