Feminist - Black

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Here's to all the movers, makers, hustlers and shakers. To the women who get up everyday with purpose and make each moment count. To the women who know their worth and what they deserve and settle for nothing less of that. To the women who fight for their rights and won't take no for an answer. We see you!

Designed by female artisans, the expressive print edition features 2 beautiful meaningful designs that you'll love to rock. The feminist design features a beautiful collection of hand drawn florals with the word "Feminist" printed in different fonts in between.  The design is digitally printed onto the softest viscose fabric which was handpicked and stitched to meet our quality standards. 

• 100% Rayon Viscose
190 cm long x 70 cm wide

• Hand wash
• Dry Clean
• Cold wash
• Air Dry